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Rainwater Capture System - (5/9/2016)

The U.A. Training Department is producing a new video to raise awareness and promote water saving technology.  Rainwater Capture systems allow buildings to capture and use rainwater for many uses in a building which do not require drinking-quality water.  Non-potable water can be used for many purposes including flushing toilets and urinals, plant irrigation, sidewalk washing, decorative fountains, vehicle washing and cooling tower make-up.

The film crew visited several jobsites in N.Y.C. to capture images of our members work.  Business Agent-At-Large Paul O'Connor and Training Director Artie Klock worked with Business Manager John Murphy to coordinate the site visits.

The cooperation of Contractors, Business Agents, City Agencies and many others made this a success.  We look forward to the completed video which will hopefully help to spread this technology, saving untold millions of gallons of water and making useful work for our members.

Check out our photo gallery for pictures from the various jobsite visits.

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